New Booster Opportunity


New Booster Opportunity

Win Extra Points with PNY

Feature PNY in your communication and win extra points! Boost your sales and be rewarded. Choose your communication medium, send us a copy, and get a reward sent straight to your profile!

  • Emailing – 5000 points : Send a dedicated PNY Emailing to your database, include your offers, & boost your sales!
  • Banner in Emailing – 2500 points : Add a PNY Banner to your email blast! Promote one product or just show your whole selection with a link to your website.
  • Website Banners – 2000 points : Add a PNY Banner to your website, help promote traffic on your shop.
  • LinkedIn Post – 1000 points :There’s nothing easier! Promote a PNY Product or range and get some traffic going on your website!

How does it work

All you have to do is send us proof* to, and we will automatically update your profile with your well-deserved points!
If you are looking for assets, just join our Partner Hub where you can find all images available.

Boost your sales, be rewarded!
Any questions? Contact us:

*Proof accepted:
Proof of recipients, html, screenshots.
Website banners must be on the website for a period longer than one week.
PNY reserves the right to decline and demand other proof if needed. Special offer valid until the 30th of June 2023.